Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My New Website

So excited to show everyone... Just finished my website come check it out!

Love, Kathryn


  1. I love your website, Kathryn, and I admire your logo so much. How did you come up with its concept? It looks very professional and neat, and if you rotate it clockwise, it will look like a plain picture of a house, which suits very well your line of work. Nicely done!

    Karina Croney

  2. I am very certain that those who will visit your website will remember you. You know why? It’s because of your great logo design! It’s important that you have a good logo that will attract more customers. Take note that in a successful business, the logo is something that every customer remembers. It’s a simple way to build your brand and gain exposure.

    Jamie Viggiano